At Insight Analytical Labs, our goal is to turn your failing electronics into sources of learning and continuous improvement. Whether you’re faced with a one-of-a-kind defect or a systemic reliability issue, IAL will dive in headfirst to determine the root cause of failure and provide you with actionable data to effectively resolve your problem. We provide more than just a mix-and-match list of tests and techniques; we pride ourselves in providing world class failure analysis by telling the whole story of a defect, going beyond the results of any individual test to provide a comprehensive view of the root cause of failure at a highly detailed level.

Of course, all the experience gained from exploring the minutiae of the microelectronics world can be applied elsewhere, as well, and IAL offers services that complement our core failure analysis focus. Our extensive experience with failure analysis provides insight into the ways that devices might fail, which we apply to a wide variety of preventative inspection and screening services to preemptively identify quality issues before they impact your end users. We use industry accepted best practices and procedures, to include MIL-STD and IPC specifications, to generate a complete picture of the quality of a submitted process.

In addition, our extensive experience with the composition of microelectronics devices gives a unique vantage from which to analyze their construction. IAL offers teardown and reverse engineering services supporting clients interested in protecting their intellectual property, recreating obsolete parts, or other competitive analysis endeavors. To support these services, IAL works with a network of circuit extractors and subject matter experts that can be made available to further strengthen your analysis.

One of our greatest strengths at IAL is our adaptability; if you don’t see a specific test you’re interested in, or are faced with a problem whose solution doesn’t seem to be published in our list of services, please feel free to contact us. We are constantly working to expand our list of tools and techniques, and a conversation with one of our engineers may give you exactly the information you need in order to entrust us with your request.


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