Maintaining a quality product involves countless levels of inspection and process screening. Materials coming from new suppliers must be qualified to ensure that it meets stringent specifications; product from established suppliers must be periodically checked as a safeguard against slipping standards.  In other cases, compliance to an external standard or edict, like a MIL-STD or RoHS restriction, must be verified routinely as a process indicator.

To help our customers to provide only the highest quality of products, IAL offers a wide range of electron inspection services for semiconductor devices, printed circuit assemblies, and practically any other electronic assemblies. Our in-depth inspections are based around industry accepted practices and standards combined with extensive experience with product reliability and potential sources of defects, providing the most complete data possible about your product and its construction.

Our inspection services run the gamut of microelectronics, including analysis of semiconductor die for wafer lot acceptance, examination of packaged ICs for authenticity or packaging anomalies, all the way up to printed circuit board and system level inspections. Thanks to our comprehensive suite analytical tools and microscopy lab, IAL can efficiently and effectively screen your devices regardless of their size or complexity.


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