electronics failure analysis reverse engineering

This Business is Closing

We are No Longer Accepting Failure Analysis Requests

After 30 years of supporting our customers’ failure analysis needs, Insight Analytical Labs, Inc. (AIL) will cease operations mid-May. This was a difficult choice to make, but unfortunately the post-Covid economy has not been able to support our company.

As of April 14th, IAL will discontinue providing estimates for new failure analysis requests. Requests for quick-turn services, however, will be accepted through April 21st; please contact Thomas Paquette ([email protected]) directly for a quote. Purchase orders and parts for analysis must be received at IAL no later than May 5th.

I wish to assure you that IAL remains committed to the satisfactory completion of analyses currently underway.

It has been our honor to serve you and to be a part of our customers’ success.

If you have documents you want to send us, please email them to [email protected]