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Thomas E. Paquette


Mr. Thomas Paquette’s strong engineering background, combined with his broad business management experience, provides a unique customer-focused perspective. Tom is able to define complex technical issues, follow problems to root causes, and propose and implement innovative, yet pragmatic, solutions within rapidly changing markets. These abilities have consistently enhanced the organization’s competitive positions.

Following his graduation from Clarkson University with a BSEE, Mr. Paquette joined the IIT Research Institute as a consultant. Upon completion of that DoD assignment, he held positions of increasing responsibility within Mostek, Honeywell, United Technologies, and Ford Microelectronics. In each environment, he was a key figure in establishing reliability and failure analysis facilities, designing reliability structures for both GaAs processes and printed circuit boards, setting industry standards for latch-up stressing, and influencing ESD standardization. 

While at Ford Microelectronics from 1984 to 1995, Mr. Paquette led a group that supported Ford Motor Company’s design innovations; the group later became recognized as a world leader in IDDq testing and implementation. Mr. Paquette was also responsible for assessing new IC technologies, improving ESD performance, establishing road maps for implementation of 3.3 volt ICs, improving board-level reliability, consulting on qualification specifications, and supporting Ford’s development efforts in fine-pitch and multi-chip packaging (a report on MCMs was presented at the Colorado Springs IEEE).

Mr. Paquette’s commitment to the industry has been demonstrated through his involvement and leadership roles in professional organizations. Tom is a member of IEEE, has been a major contributor to the JEDEC Standards Committee and has been a founding member of several corporate standards alliances. He has also been a member of the Technical Committee for the International Reliability Physics Symposium, and he co-presented an IDDq testing and implementation workshop at the 1995 IRPS. Tom also presented a short course on future reliability concerns at the 1998 UC Berkeley extension course in Colorado Springs. In the past few years, Tom has presented several seminars on WLR, dielectric reliability, and failure analysis both in Europe and Asia.

Mr. Paquette is the company’s founder and currently functions as president of Insight Analytical Labs. The company’s mission is to identify and recommend corrective actions for electronic product manufacturing and reliability problems.