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Michael Livingston

Program Manager, Failure Analysis Engineer, Business Development

Michael joined IAL in 2010 as a Failure Analysis Engineer. At the time that he joined IAL he had 11 years of diversified experience in the semiconductor industry, holding positions in process manufacturing and yield enhancement, product marketing, and business development.

Michael had a primary role in the development and integration of Atmel’s 50GHz BiCMOS processes. Michael also managed product planning and development for Atmel’s wireless connectivity products. He has contributed several whitepapers on advanced wireless products for 3G and 4G networking that have been featured in IEEE magazines worldwide.

Michael is a 12 year military and Gulf War veteran in avionics electronics. His primary role was radar maintenance on an airborne warning and control system. His secondary role was training where he taught at the Keesler AFB technical training center for radar maintenance and in the AWAC training squadron for his specialty. He taught in the public school system after he left the Air Force. He was a high school teacher of biology, chemistry, and physics in Colorado.

Michael graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in biology and chemistry. He has graduate work in education and earned a secondary teacher license in Colorado. Currently he functions as a Program Manager for IAL with responsibilities in both electrical and physical failure analysis.