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Chris White

F/A Engineer and Program Manager

Chris has over 35 years experience in the semiconductor industry. He started his career at Texas Instruments as a Failure Analyst, and failure analysis has bee his passion ever since. Chris’s broad range of experience in the semiconductor industry has provided expertise in all areas of Failure Analysis. His experience ranges from I/C Designer, Product Engineer, Process Integration Engineer, Yield Engineer, Reliability Engineer, and QA Engineer. Chris has been a key contributor in new product introduction for designs using new technology for Vitesse and Cypress. Chris has worked with many of the design and process technologies in his career. Some of his experiences in the design and process technologies are dynamic and static RAM, EPROM, Microprocessors, Linear products, Metal Gate, CMOS, VMOS, Bipolar (including schottky design), CMOS (including radiation harden technology), Silicon On Insulator (SOI), and GaAs technology.

Chris’s current position at IAL is a Program Manager, Sr. Staff Member –F/A Engineer, which utilizes his work experience in the semiconductor industry. Chris has experienced changes in the semiconductor industry and the failure analysis tools to support today’s leading technology. Chris has expertise in all phases of the failure analysis procedures, including:

  • FE SEM
  • “Hot” spot detection techniques such as emission microscopy, liquid crystal, and OBIC (Optical Beam Induced Current)
  • Fault isolation methods on the backside of the die (PEM-Photo Emission Microscopy, PICA-Picosecond Imaging Circuit Analysis, LVP-Laser Voltage Probe, TIVA-Thermally Induced Voltage Alteration, and SEI-Seebeck Effect Imaging)
  • FIB isolation and edits
  • Statistical Analysis Device and system characterization

Chris graduated from Missouri Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering of Technology. He continued his education in Electrical Engineering at University of Houston. He also has a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Colorado Technical University.