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Electronics Analytical Services Lab

Get electronics analytical services including failure analysis, PCB reverse engineering, and patent/IP litigation support with a fast turnaround. Free quotes.

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Electronics Analytical Services

Do you need electronics analytical services with a fast turnaround from a source you can trust?  Get the answers you need with visual proof and in-depth analysis to support the results.



You receive a comprehensive failure analysis with recommendations and visual proof to understand and correct the root cause of your electronics failure. Fast turnaround.



You will get reverse engineering tailored to your needs, budget, and schedule. Bring your manufacturing state-side, protect your patents/IP, replace obsolete parts, etc.



You need evidence to protect your intellectual property and patents. We have the expertise and equipment to dig into electronic components to get you that evidence.

What We Provide

Electronic Problems are Wasting Your Time and Money

No matter what electronic issue might be plaguing you – a troublesome yield issue, a reliability concern, or a puzzling field failure – our microelectronics services team can provide a fast turnaround with the answers you need.

Failure Analysis

Quickly determine the root cause of your electronic failures and get actionable data to correct the problem and remove your headache.

Reverse Engineering

Do you need to reverse engineer a PCB to bring manufacturing onshore or replace obsolete circuit boards? Get results fast.

IP Litigation Support

Does your patent assertion or legal defense require a teardown of electronic products such as LEDs, touchscreens, optical components, PCBAs, or semiconductors? Get the exact litigation support data you need.

About Us

Insight Analytical Labs

IAL is a microelectronics services lab with a global reputation for high-quality results and speedy turnaround.  Established in 1993 in Colorado Springs, our team of electrical engineers has tackled thousands of projects in many industries.

Excellent communication is a core value of IAL. Our analysis will make direct contact with you to make sure we are solving your problem to your 100% satisfaction.

insight analytical labs
Why Choose Us

Benefits You Receive

Our mission is to identify your problem and provide actionable steps you can take to improve your processes.


Detailed Reports

Clear identification of the root cause of failure.

Photo Documentation

You receive high-res imagery that supports our analysis.

Fast Turnaround

24-hour quotes and quick delivery of analysis.

Corrective Actions

We recommend how to resolve your problem.


You work directly with our USA-based engineer.


We are ISO9001:2015 certified & ITAR registered.

Get the Answers You Need

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced engineer to identify your specific problem and needs. 

Our Lab’s Equipment and Analytical Techniques

Great Tools Equals Accurate Results

X-ray Imaging

X-ray Fluorescence

Dual-Beam FIB

Cross Sectioning

Acoustic Microscopy

Package Decapsulation

Inspections to IPC Standards

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

Dye and Pry of BGAs

Fourier Transform IR (FTIR)

Photo-Emission Microscopy

Thermal (IR) Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

Solder Failure Analysis


Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Thermal Emission Microscopy

Fluorescent Microthermal Imaging

Current Leakage Detection

Liquid Crystal Imaging

Get The Info You Need

Ready To Solve Your Problem?

Here's how we do it.

Schedule Consultation

Schedule Consultation

Discuss your problems in depth with an experienced engineer to identify your specific needs and services.

Receive a Quote

Receive a Quote

Typically, in one work day after the consultation you will receive a reliable quote to solve your problem.

Problem Solved

Problem Solved

Send PO and/or parts and we get started. You receive the data you need to enable you to solve the problem.

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Customer Feedback

It’s nice to know we have a contact such as your company to go to when problems like this arise.

Electronics OEM

Thanks for the incredibly quick turnaround! These look great and were just what I was looking for.

Connector Manufacturer

Just wanted to thank your microelectronics services team for the fast turnaround on the diode analysis you’ve done to date.

Medical Electronics


How long does it take to get a quote?

We provide a customized quote within one business day of our phone or email interview.  The cost is determined by the complexity of the task, equipment used, and labor hours. The results may be a formal report, an informal report, or just an email with the files/photos you requested.  We tailor the product to your needs and budget.

Do you offer rush services?

Expedited service is available, usually with a percentage markup on the standard delivery quote. 

I need a test not listed on your website?

One of our greatest strengths is our adaptability. If you don’t see a specific test you’re interested in, or are faced with a problem whose solution doesn’t seem to be published in our list of services, please contact us to schedule a free consultation where we can brainstorm ideas together. We constantly strive to expand our list of tools and techniques, and a conversation with one of our engineers may give you exactly the information you need in order to entrust us with your request. If part of the analysis requires a service not available at IAL, we will work with a partner lab to provide a seamless response to your needs.

What certifications do you have? Who are your partners?

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Platinum Registration ISO Certification Services and are proud members of ERAI.

Companies we partner with frequently include