Deprocessing Electronic Failure Analysis

IAL uses mechanical, chemical, and dry deprocessing methods to obtain the results you desire.

Decapsulation is a technique for exposing the internal components of a package device. Acids, solvents, or mechanical devices are generally used to open devices, exposing the semiconductor device while keeping its connections to the package intact.

In plastic packages, the epoxy encapsulant must be removed to expose the die for failure analysis. This must be done without altering the electrical functionality of the device.

Semiconductor devices are very fragile and must be packaged to be mounted on printed circuit boards. Depending on the nature of the device, the package can be very simple or very complex. The package facilitates electrical access to the device, gets rid of the heat generated during operation and protects the fragile semiconductor chip from the environment: humidity, chemical contamination and mechanical stresses.

Plasma Etching

Plasma enhanced parallel plate RIE (reactive ion etcher) system is capable of removing dielectric films and some metals used in integrated circuit fabrication.

After removing the passivation layers, some devices can be micro probed for device characterization and failure analysis.



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